Kwara Digital Pulse Explores Remote Work: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges

March 30, 2024,  The March edition of Kwara Digital Pulse, the monthly X space session organized by the Office of the SA on Digital Innovation to the Kwara State Governor, H.E Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq CON brought to light the topic — “Remote Work: Current Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges.” The event provided a platform for Mr Eyitayo and Ms. Adedayo to sharing their expertises on the theme.
One of the featured speakers, Eyitayo Ogunmola, a tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Utiva, one of Africa’s biggest tech talent grooming platforms, highlighted the growing trend of remote work and its impact on the tech industry. He emphasized the importance of adapting to this new reality and leveraging the opportunities it presents while addressing the challenges it poses.
Ogunmola also offered valuable insights from an employer’s perspective, highlighting common mistakes that tech talents often make when applying for remote work opportunities. He stressed the importance of effective communication, time management, and self-discipline in succeeding in a remote work environment.
Ms. Adedayo Owoade, the CEO of CodeVerse tech hub, also shared her insights on the theme, offering practical strategies and best practices for navigating the remote work environment effectively. Her address emphasized the importance of digital skills and adaptability in winning in remote work environments, urging participants to embrace remote work as a viable option for career advancement.
The session was further enriched by the presence of the SA on Digital Innovations, Hon. Kayode Ishola, who hosted the speakers and also provided updates on the proposed initiatives by the state government to facilitate the successful integration of 3MTT fellows into the workforce and support their entrepreneurial dreams. These interventions include mentorship programs, access to funding opportunities, and partnerships with local tech companies and incubators.
Additionally, the SA discussed the state’s efforts to create a conducive environment for remote work and support a thriving tech ecosystem to positioning Kwara as a hub for tech excellence.
Participants engaged in discussions around the potential impact of these interventions on the state’s tech landscape, exploring ways to leverage the 3MTT program and the remote work trend to drive innovation, job creation, and position Kwara as a tech-viable destination.
Kwara Digital Pulse continues to serve as a platform for driving conversations that promote growth and innovation in the tech space, while projecting Kwara as a tech-viable state.

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