Kwara Digital Pulse Celebrates the Power of Reskilling with Inspiring Stories

The February edition of Kwara Digital Pulse organized by the Office of the SA on Digital Innovations to the Kwara State Governor, H.E Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq CON celebrated the transformative power of reskilling and its potential to unlock new opportunities. Themed “The Power of Tech: Unleashing the Potentials of Reskilling,” the event featured inspiring stories from individuals who successfully transitioned into tech careers through reskilling.
One of the speakers, Ayodeji Akintubi, a web developer and technical writer, shared his remarkable journey from being a commercial bike rider to becoming a tech professional at an older age. Akintubi’s touching story resonated with the audience, emphasizing that it’s never too late to pursue one’s dreams and that determination and perseverance are key to success.
Dr. Aminat Abdulsalam, a product manager, also shared her experiences transitioning into the tech industry. Her candid account highlighted the challenges she faced and the strategies she employed to overcome them, providing valuable insights for those considering a career change.
Speakers and participants engaged in insightful discussions on the importance of reskilling in today’s rapidly evolving job market, exploring various opportunities and resources available for acquiring in-demand tech skills. The session also addressed the challenges and strategies involved in successful career transitions into the tech industry.
The stories shared by Mr Ayodeji Akintubi and Dr. Aminat Abdulsalam are a testament to the power of reskilling and the boundless opportunities it can unlock,” said the SA on Digital Innovations. “Their stories serve as an inspiration for individuals in Kwara State and beyond, encouraging them to embrace lifelong learning and seize the potential of tech to transform their lives.”
Also, Hon. Ishola Kayode provided updates on the 3MTT (3 Million Technical Talents) program.
He highlighted the progress made in domesticating the registration process for the 3MTT program across the 16 local government areas of Kwara. “549 fellows were selected across Kwara in the pilot phase, with kwara having three (3) centres; ZHill Systems, Cyper Devs Academy and Kwara Tech Academy,” he said.
Additionally, the SA shared insights into the innovative projects undertaken by the Kwara State Government to promote digital transformation and foster a thriving tech ecosystem. These initiatives aim to position Kwara as a tech-viable destination, attracting investment and talent while driving economic growth.
Kwara Digital Pulse continues to serve as a platform for fostering collaboration, driving conversations, and promoting growth in the tech industry, while projecting Kwara as a tech-viable state.

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