Kwara Digital Pulse Kicks Off 2024 with a focus on Sustainable Tech

January 27, 2024, The Office of the SA on Digital Innovations to the Kwara State Governor, H.E Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq CON hosted the first edition of Kwara Digital Pulse, setting the tone for a year dedicated to sustainable technology and innovation.
The monthly X space session, January edition — themed “Sustainable Tech: Driving Innovation with Purpose,” brought together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts to explore the role of technology in promoting sustainable development, addressing global challenges and also served as a platform for supporting collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the state’s thriving tech ecosystem.
During his keynote address, Ibraheem Kazeem, a renowned content expert and digital skills advocate emphasized the need for tech brands and entrepreneurs to prioritize sustainability in their endeavors. “Technology has the power to revolutionize various industries, but it must be developed and implemented with a focus on environmental and social responsibility,” he stated.
Hon. Ishola Kayode, the SA on Digital Innovations to Kwara State Governor  shone a spotlight on the 3MTT (3 Million Tech Talents) initiative, a federal government program aimed at training 3 million talents in 12 tech skills.
The SA highlighted the significance of the 3MTT program in building a skilled workforce and positioning Kwara as a tech-viable state. “By equipping our youth with in-demand tech skills, we are not only promoting economic growth but also contributing to the nation’s digital transformation,” the SA stated.
Also, the SA discussed the state’s efforts to domesticate the registration process for the 3MTT program across the 16 local government areas of Kwara state. This localized approach aims to ensure widespread access and participation, enabling individuals from all corners of the state to benefit from the valuable tech training opportunities.
Participants engaged in discussions on various topics, tech trends; quantum computing, renewable energy, cyber security, cloud computing and AI.
The session sparked insightful discussions among attendees, who shared their perspectives on integrating sustainable practices into their respective tech initiatives. Participants also had the opportunity to network and explore potential collaborations aimed at promoting sustainable tech solutions in Kwara State.
Kwara Digital Pulse continues to serve as a hub for driving conversations that have the potential to spur growth in the state’s tech space while promoting Kwara as a tech-viable destination committed to sustainable and inclusive innovation.

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